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    Jul 10, 2015

    6 airlines will move to Changi's T4

    THE development of Changi Airport's Terminal 4 (T4) is progressing well, with more than 70 per cent of the main building's construction completed.

    When it opens in 2017, T4 will house the AirAsia group - which includes AirAsia (Malaysia), Indonesia AirAsia and Thai AirAsia - as well as Korean Air and Vietnam Airlines, Changi Airport Group revealed at a press conference yesterday.

    Hong Kong's Cathay Pacific was the first to sign up last year.

    The six airlines operate almost 800 flights a week in and out of Changi Airport, and accounted for close to seven million passengers last year.

    Eventually, more carriers are expected to move to T4, which is located where the former Budget Terminal was. The new terminal will be able to handle up to 16 million passengers a year, the airport said.

    The migration of these six airlines will free up capacity at the three other terminals, which are already operating at more than 80 per cent of their designed total capacity of 66 million passengers a year.

    T4 will see a massive roll-out of fast and seamless travel initiatives, such as self-service and automated options for check-in, bag tagging, immigration clearance and aircraft boarding.

    In a first for Changi Airport, facial recognition technology will be introduced at T4.

    This will eliminate the need for manual identity verification by staff, so travellers can move quickly through the various processes.

    Extensive trials and intensive equipment and systems testing, with volunteers playing the role of passengers, will be conducted prior to the opening of the terminal.

    Said Yam Kum Weng, CAG's executive vice-president (air hub and development): "With T4's emphasis on innovation and productivity... passengers can expect passage through the various touch points to be smoother and stress-free, giving them more time to enjoy the facilities, and wide array of shopping and dining options."