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    Feb 05, 2015

    5th Marina Sq eatery to be taken to task: NEA

    THE National Environment Agency (NEA) will take action against a fifth food outlet at Marina Square mall, after rodent droppings were found on its premises during an inspection in the past last week.

    The eatery, which NEA did not name, may be given demerit points or fined, depending on its previous hygiene record.

    Operators who chalk up 12 demerit points within 12 months may have their licence revoked or suspended for two or four weeks.

    It was NEA's third round of inspections at the mall since Jan 9, when Chinese restaurant Hotpot Culture was suspended after a dead rat was found in a vegetable dish.

    Enforcement actions are also being taken against two outlets found with rodent droppings and another two found to be dirty.

    NEA gave Hotpot Culture the green light to re-open on Tuesday, after its latest inspection found it to be clean with no signs of rat activity.

    NEA did not reveal to The Straits Times whether the rest of the mall is rodent-free.

    It had said in the past last week that rodent activities were detected in the false ceilings of 14 food outlets and at one of the mall's bin centres.

    "Operators of food establishments have a duty to ensure that their premises are clean and free from pests by putting in place a good cleaning regime and an effective pest control programme," an NEA spokesman said. "NEA takes such lapses seriously and will not hesitate to take errant operators to task."