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5 people hurt in flash fire at hotpot eatery

SCALDED: A Thai singer suffered burns to her face and arms after boiling soup splashed onto her from a hotpot.


    Apr 08, 2015

    5 people hurt in flash fire at hotpot eatery

    FIVE people were taken to hospital with burns, some to their faces, after a flash fire at a hotpot restaurant early on Saturday morning.

    Boiling soup splashed onto the faces of two women, and three others were also hurt in the accident that happened at around 3.45am at the Beach Road eatery.

    The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said it was alerted of the incident at 87 Beach Road at around 4am.

    SCDF dispatched two ambulances and a fire engine, and the five victims were taken to the Singapore General Hospital.

    Ms Yu, a victim, told evening daily Lianhe Wanbao that she and a Thai woman both suffered third-degree burns on their faces.

    The 39-year-old said that she was eating at Chong Qing (Original) Steamboat on Saturday with a friend, while two Thai singers were seated at a table nearby.

    The portable stove for her hotpot kept turning off and emitted clicking noises, she said.

    A waiter at the restaurant fixed the stove and they continued eating. But as they were leaving, there was a "boom" and she felt heat rush to her face, Wanbao reported. The soup splashed on her left arm.

    One of the Thai girls sitting at the next table was scalded on her face and both arms.

    The owner of the restaurant said it was the first time this has happened. He suspects that the gas canister was faulty, but assured Wanbao that the eatery uses good-quality equipment.

    He intends to visit the victims in hospital and will discuss compensation with them.

    SCDF is investigating the incident.