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    Sep 02, 2016

    4 warded over adulterated health products

    FOUR people have been hospitalised after consuming health products that contained undeclared ingredients, the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) said in a statement yesterday.

    It identified the three adulterated products - sold in capsule form - as Snake Powder Capsules, JC Gold and Tu Cho Pan Chi Pian.

    Touted as containing herbs and other natural ingredients, they purported to treat ailments such as joint pain.

    The cases cropped up in July and August this year, and doctors tipped off the authorities.

    Two elderly Singapore residents are still receiving medical treatment.

    A woman in her 30s and her father, in his 50s, have since recovered.

    The products, which were purchased in Malaysia, all contained dexamethasone.

    The potent steroid can lead to Cushing's syndrome which causes upper-body obesity, high blood sugar and the characteristic round "moon" face.