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    Jun 13, 2016

    4 injured in Shanghai airport blast


    A MAN was hospitalised with serious neck injury and three others were slightly injured following an explosion in Shanghai's Pudong International Airport yesterday.

    It allegedly went off in front of the check-in counter of Singapore Airlines, Chinese media reported.

    According to a statement from the local police, a man had hurled a beer bottle stuffed with home-made explosives over a check-in counter in Terminal Two of the airport at about 2.30pm.

    He then pulled out a knife from his bag and starting slashing his own throat, said the police. The man, who managed to slit two veins on his neck but missed the carotid artery, fainted from blood loss, according to Ta Kun Pao.

    The People's Hospital of Shanghai Pudong District said the gashes on the man were quickly sewn up after he was rushed to its emergency ward but he was still in a coma and his condition was critical, reported the newspaper.

    It is not known whether the man is a Chinese national.

    Shanghai's Eastday news website, citing eyewitnesses, said the explosion took place at the SIA ticket counter.

    The man was injured after something he was holding exploded.

    The three passengers who had light injuries were a 53-year-old Philippine man and two elderly Chinese, a man and a woman, reported the official Xinhua news agency.

    Online video clips showed dense grey smoke rising to the ceiling of the terminal and paramilitary security forces rushing into the building immediately after the incident, said Agence France-Presse.

    Police sealed off the site of the explosion and no flight was affected, said the airport.