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    Dec 09, 2015

    300 hit by 18-hour delay in China Airlines flight

    SOME 300 China Airlines passengers were left stranded at Changi Airport from Monday to yesterday after a mechanical glitch grounded their plane for more than 18 hours.

    Flight CI745, bound for Taipei, was scheduled to depart at 2.05pm on Monday but left Singapore only at 10.53am yesterday.

    This had a knock-on effect on other China Airlines flights to Taipei yesterday and caused them to be delayed.

    Flight CI752 was pushed back from 10.25am to 12.48pm, while yesterday's flight CI745 left more than an hour late at 3.16pm.

    Passengers on Monday's CI745 flight were asked to board, then leave the plane three times, Chinese evening paper Lianhe Wanbao reported.

    The first delay was from 2.05pm to 2.45pm. After waiting for 45 minutes in the plane, passengers were asked to leave, a disgruntled customer told Wanbao.

    They boarded again at around 5pm, waited for about an hour on the plane and had to disembark again.

    Several passengers, most of whom had bought travel insurance, then decided to take other flights.

    Remaining passengers were given dinner vouchers, and boarded for a third time at 10pm. This attempt was also unsuccessful and they were told to come back the next day.

    More passengers then requested to change their flights.

    Some passengers also refused to get on the delayed flight yesterday due to concerns about the plane's safety.

    At least one asked to have his ticket refunded, Lianhe Zaobao reported.