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10 people nabbed in brawl linked to Bugis bakeries

FIGHT: The incident, which happened at about 10pm last Tuesday, occurred over a grievance between two bakeries.


    Jun 16, 2016

    10 people nabbed in brawl linked to Bugis bakeries

    TEN people were arrested after a fight broke out in Bugis Village last Tuesday, believed to be connected to two rival bakeries.

    A video showing a group of men and women fighting has been making its rounds online.

    The incident happened at about 10pm last Tuesday at Bugis Street, Chinese newspaper Shin Min Daily News reported yesterday.

    Shin Min understands that the brawl involved a grievance between two bakeries, Lau Pa Sat Toasted Bread and Ah Huat Traditional Bread, that escalated into a fight.

    Insiders told the paper that Lau Pa Sat Toasted Bread had operated in the area for several years and had many customers.

    However, it moved to a different location nearby due to rising rentals, and Ah Huat Traditional Bread took up its original space.

    The situation reportedly turned ugly last Tuesday, with men throwing punches and a woman having her hair pulled till she fell to the floor.

    A spokesman for Lau Pa Sat Toasted Bread told Shin Min that three men wielding beer bottles rushed to the scene to join the fight.

    The woman, who declined to be named, said five of her family members were hurt in the confrontation.

    The boss of Ah Huat Traditional Bread told the paper that people had been making a scene in front of the store before the incident, telling customers that its bread was "fake".

    She explained that the incident was a result of misunderstanding and hoped the issue would be resolved quickly.

    The police told My Paper yesterday that they received a call for assistance at 10.22pm last Tuesday.

    Nine people were arrested for unlawful assembly and another man was subsequently arrested in relation to the case.

    Investigations are ongoing.