Jun 14, 2013

    Third-party Android firmware strengthens privacy shield

    CONCERNED that the new application you have just downloaded would access your private data, such as messages, call logs and contacts?

    CyanogenMod, a replacement firmware for Android smartphones and tablet computers, has a new feature that would enhance the privacy of a mobile-device user, technology blog Ubergizmo reported.

    Called Run in Incognito Mode, it will allow users to run apps without giving them unadulterated access to private data.

    Available from the App Info panel, the feature, once turned on, will return empty lists for contacts, browser history, messages and calendar, said Ubergizmo.

    It will also cloak the device's location by making the Global Positioning System appear disabled in the app.

    The feature will be available as a single option that can be switched on or off as and when the user needs it.

    Run in Incognito Mode, however, will have to be toggled for each specific app, said Ubergizmo.

    Its creator has assured users that the feature will not block advertisements. It will also not work on an app that has root access.