Steady, aim and shoot faster with this digicam


    Jun 25, 2013

    Steady, aim and shoot faster with this digicam

    Sony WX300 Cybershot digital camera

    BILLED as the world's smallest and lightest digital still camera with 20x optical zoom, the WX300 raises the bar for compact digital cameras.

    As camera-equipped mobile phones have taken a big chunk of their market, makers of compact digitals have had little choice but to innovate and come up with more cutting-edge stuff.

    The WX300's Steadyshot feature takes image stabilisation (for both stills and video) up a notch, and is twice as effective as that on the previous generation of Cybershot cameras. Focusing is also faster (3.6 times quicker). Like many cameras now, Wi-Fi comes standard. What's more, a mobile phone can be used as a wireless remote to control the WX300.

    A single charge of the battery is enough for the camera to deliver 500 still shots. That's something a phone camera cannot offer, for now.

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