Soon, you can ring in smells on your smartphone

OLFACTORY: The Scentee alerts users to new notifications on the phone, using smells.


    Oct 28, 2013

    Soon, you can ring in smells on your smartphone

    A JAPANESE accessory can make your smartphone smell - in a good way. Tokyo-based tech firm Scentee is releasing an attachment of the same name that releases a scent each time your smartphone receives a notification, such as text messages or social-media alerts.

    The device - believed to the world's first - plugs directly into the headphone socket of a smartphone. Scents include strawberry, corn soup, coconut, apple, jasmine and bacon.

    The Scentee also features a customisable LED light that creates a different effect each time the device releases a smell.

    To produce the smell, Scentee uses special "flavour" capsules which are good for only about 100 uses and cost about US$5 (S$6.20) each.

    Scentee works using a custom iOS and Android app that allows you to determine what notifications will trigger the internal perfume.

    Once you receive a notification, the app will use ultrasonic waves to cause a chip inside to react and spray out the smell of your choosing.

    Scentee is planning to introduce an app when the device debuts next month. The app provides video images of meat being grilled and causes the Scentee to emit a scent of barbecued meat.

    The device will be available from Amazon Japan on Nov 15 for about US$35.