Aug 01, 2013

    Sending a text message? Give it a soundtrack

    HERE'S a messaging app with a difference: Users have to send a musical accompaniment each time they text or share images.

    Now available via the Apple App Store for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, rithm is plugged into Spotify, iTunes, Rdio, and SoundCloud so that intros, samples or entire musical tracks can be sent and shared among users.

    Conceived by MavenSay - makers of the eponymously named recommendations app - as a form of musical messaging, rithm is free to download and takes song recommendations and musical gifts to the next level and could well spark a new communications trend.

    Though it supports emoticons, still images, video clips, links and, of course, good ol' fashioned text messages, in order to send any of these media as a message, the user must put it to music.