Scaled-down headset more comfy than predecessor


    Aug 20, 2013

    Scaled-down headset more comfy than predecessor

    Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear headphones

    THE Momentum On-Ear headset is a scaled-down version of the Momentum Over-Ear, which came out last year.

    Except for the smaller earcups and the substitution of the original leather earcup covers with ones made of a synthetic material, the headsets look pretty much the same.

    In my book, there are only three things to consider when choosing a pair of headphones: sound quality, comfort and price.


    Not too different from that of the bigger Momentum, with clarity of tones, good channel separation and sound-staging. A little trimming of the highs, but not serious enough to dull the overall sound quality.


    The On-Ear cups feel less hot than the Over-Ear's after an extended period of listening. No problems with the synthetic earcups, except that leather would have smelled better and look more luxurious.


    Very competitive for a headset of this quality. It will definitely give the Bose AE range a hard fight.

    How much: $299