Samsung ups the ante on cam-phone
Samsung ups the ante on cam-phone


    Sep 03, 2013

    Samsung ups the ante on cam-phone

    Samsung Galaxy NX Interchangeable Lens Camera & Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom with LTE

    HAVING successfully swamped the smartphone market with a flurry of innovative devices, Samsung is turning its attention to making the camera phone even more powerful (watch out, Canon and Nikon!)

    The first product, the Galaxy NX Interchangeable Lens Camera, is not a camera phone by standard definition as it lacks the talk ability.

    However, its design and LTE connectivity feature incorporate the strengths of the camera phone - a largish screen and the ability to hook up to the Internet.

    This is not a camera with simple Wi-Fi connectivity to upload pictures to Facebook and Twitter. It has an Android OS (Jelly Bean 4.2) built in. You can download apps and even send and receive e-mail. The Galaxy NX has a 20.3MP image sensor and 1/6000 shutter speed plus 8.6 fps shooting speed.

    Would professional photographers take to such a device? I think not as the optics of such cameras have yet to reach the lofty standards of traditional digital SLRs, and probably never will.

    Consumers are more likely to check it out. However, the price is actually quite steep (higher than those of many digital cameras with interchangeable lenses) and this can be a serious deterrent.

    But never mind. Samsung has yet another product, the Galaxy S4 zoom that might well catch their attention. The common complaint about camera phones is that the camera function is limited by the lack of real (not digital) optical zoom.

    Samsung has obviously been listening and has put a zoom lens (10x), higher megapixel sensor (16MP) and even an optical image stabiliser into the S4.

    The result is a phone with a slight bulge but a vastly improved camera function. Will consumers take to the S4 zoom? We'll see. But it is definitely much more affordable than the Galaxy NX.

    How much: Galaxy NX - $1,958, comes bundled with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 (worth $178); Galaxy S4 zoom - $798 without contract