Nov 11, 2013

    Samsung phones trump Apple's in battery test

    IN THE battle of the batteries, Samsung's Galaxy S4 recorded a victory over its archrivals' phones.

    According to British consumer association Which?, the South Korean firm's flagship handset lasts the longest between charges. Its battery life is almost double that of Apple's iPhone 5c.

    The findings were culled from simulated tests designed to examine talk time and Web use, AFP Relaxnews reported.

    The tests found that S4 owners can chat for 1,051 minutes - 280 more than the second-placed HTC One (771 minutes) and 400 minutes more than an iPhone 5s (651 minutes, fourth place).

    Of the new handsets tested, the Nokia Lumia 1020 came in eighth and final place, managing just 460 minutes of talktime before the battery needed charging. Still, that is only marginally less than the seventh-placed iPhone 5c's 564 minutes.

    And, although talk time is a good indicator of battery life, the fact is that smartphones are no longer used primarily for voice calls. But, in simulated Web use (via Wi-Fi) tests, the S4 was still top dog, albeit with a much smaller margin of victory. It offered 405 minutes of surfing, just beating the S4 mini's 394 minutes.

    The HTC One mini came third in this test with 385 minutes and its bigger brother, the HTC One, fourth (339).

    In this test, the Nokia also redeemed itself with 306 minutes, putting it in sixth place, ahead of the iPhone 5s in seventh place (298 minutes) and the iPhone 5c in last place (252 minutes).

    Of the results, Which? technology researcher Jon Barrow wrote in an accompanying blog post: "Our tests prove that while the batteries in the new iPhones last longer than those in the old iPhone 5, they still can't match the capacity of those in the best Android phones."

    However, he also stressed that better battery life came with a trade-off.

    The iPhone is much more portable than the Galaxy S4 and the HTC One: "You'll have to choose what's more important - a compact iPhone that can be slipped into your pocket, and is easy to use one-handed, or a bigger, heavier Android-alternative that'll keep on going long after the iPhone has run out of juice."