PS4 trumps Xbox One in US shopper poll

CHOOSING THIS... Sony's PlayStation 4 console will retail at US$399 in the US.
PS4 trumps Xbox One in US shopper poll

...OVER THIS: Microsoft's Xbox One game console is priced at US$499 - US$100 more than its rival, the PS4.


    Oct 01, 2013

    PS4 trumps Xbox One in US shopper poll

    MORE United States shoppers prefer Sony's upcoming PlayStation 4 (PS4) than Microsoft's Xbox One, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll, as the industry's two leading makers of video-game consoles prepare to do battle this holiday season.

    Asked about their interest in dedicated game devices, 26 per cent of 1,297 people surveyed online last week said that they are likely to purchase the new PS4 when available, versus 15 per cent opting for the Xbox One.

    The rift widens among those below the age of 40. Of that group of 408 people, 41 per cent picked the PS4 versus 27 per cent for the Xbox One.

    Though based on a limited sample, the results point to a potentially lopsided battle during the crucial holiday season, with Microsoft and Sony hoping to get their newest consoles into US households.

    Apart from games, the consoles act as conduits for living-room entertainment, from TV shows to music.

    Microsoft came under fire from gamers after saying initially that it would set restrictions on used games, and require an Internet connection to play on the Xbox One.

    After a flurry of complaints, the firm reversed its policies in June. In contrast, Sony has consistently touted support for used games and offline gameplay at industry events.

    The US$399 (S$500) PS4 and US$499 Xbox One represent the first major upgrades of mainstream gaming hardware in years, setting game developers scrambling to put out new releases that take advantage of better graphics and faster processors.

    The consoles are scheduled to hit store shelves from the middle of next month, about a year after Nintendo's slow-selling Wii U.