This Pixie packs a coffee punch


    Jul 02, 2013

    This Pixie packs a coffee punch

    Nespresso Pixie stainless-steel coffee machine

    NESPRESSO, which pioneered the coffee-pod trend a few years back, is now a more mature brand, having introduced several new machines and coffee flavours.

    The latest variation of the Pixie, a compact coffee machine, comes in two versions: the Pixie Steel Lines machine with embossed lines, and the Pixie Steel Dots machine with embossed dots. A black matt handle has been added for a more stylish look.

    The Pixie is light and small enough to be taken along on a road trip, and Nespresso sells a special bag that makes it easier to transport.

    While some top-end hotels have Nespresso machines in their rooms, the machines are not a standard feature in most hotel rooms, so die-hard coffee drinkers may wish to take a Pixie with them in order to enjoy good coffee any time. After all, some travellers lug along kettles when they go to Europe, as not all hotels provide them.

    This was precisely what I did for a road trip to Kuala Lumpur. Having the Pixie was great - put in a coffee pod, press a button and, hey presto, a nice cup of steaming, strong coffee emerges.

    Much cheaper than Starbucks, I must say, and definitely better than those 3-in-1 instant-coffee packs offered at most hotels.

    How much: $338