Photos of Samsung's smartwatch leaked

SNEAK PEEK: A leaked photo of the Oled display on a prototype version of Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch.


    Sep 04, 2013

    Photos of Samsung's smartwatch leaked

    PHOTOS of Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch, said to be unveiled next week, have been leaked online.

    According to technology- news website Venture Beat, the photos, which are stills from an "internal promotional marketing video", show a prototype version of the smartwatch.

    Venture Beat also detailed some specifications of the Galaxy Gear. It will likely have a squarish Oled display, a 4MP camera, 10 hours of battery life and come preloaded with the Android operating system.

    The smartwatch is also said to include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, as well as Samsung S Voice for voice commands, according to tech-news website CNet.

    Earlier reports said that the Galaxy Gear can be used to make and receive phone calls, surf the Internet, play video games and send e-mail messages. With the watch, Samsung may beat Apple to market in the smartwatch category.

    Samsung had announced earlier that it will unveil a smartwatch today, together with the expected Galaxy Note 3 smartphone.

    Wearable computing is considered the next frontier in consumer electronics, following smartphones.