Nail time lapse shots on phone with this

TAKE IT FOR A SPIN: The Spinpod is a patent-pending motion-control unit for iPhones, Android phones and the iPod touch. It lets the user take seamless panoramic pictures and dynamic-motion time-lapse videos.


    Jun 13, 2013

    Nail time lapse shots on phone with this

    A KICKSTARTER project started by two PhD candidates from the University of California, Los Angeles, aims to raise US$75,000 (S$94,000).

    The amount is needed to create Spinpod, a device designed by Mr Daniel Aharoni and Mr Chen Zhiping to bring time-lapse photography to smartphones.

    Spinpod is a circular device with a depth of only 18mm and a weight of 92g.

    Smartphones - including the iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and most Android phones - and the iPod touch can be docked with Spinpod.

    Users then select either "panoramic mode" or "time-lapse mode".

    The former utilises the phone's camera and rotates to create a series of seamless panoramic shots.

    The latter, also using the phone's camera, creates a series of time-lapse images taken over a variety of time intervals as selected by the user. The time-lapse feature can also be used with video.

    Spinpod also has five-, 10- and 15-second timer options for self-portraits and even doubles as a music dock.

    In their Kickstarter pitch, Mr Aharoni and Mr Chen said: "Our goal was to develop a device that was intuitive to use and affordable on almost any budget.

    "Due to its small size and durability, it can be easily taken everywhere, including on camping and hiking trips, to parties, or to the beach."

    The Kickstarter project runs until July 1. As of yesterday, 606 backers have pledged a total of US$50,366. The minimum backing amount is US$1.