iPad Air: Thinner and faster


    Oct 24, 2013

    iPad Air: Thinner and faster

    A THINNER and lighter iPad that packs even more punch than its predecessor was unveiled with much fanfare on Tuesday, as Apple fired a broadside at its tablet rivals.

    Called the iPad Air, it is 43 per cent thinner than the version it replaces, weighs just 450g and is "screaming fast", Apple vice-president Phil Schiller said at the launch event.

    Early hands-on reviewers raved about the size and speed of the tablet, which is powered by the Apple-designed A7 chip also used in the iPhone 5s.

    The edges are sharper and boxier, with a thinner bezel, and images appear to pop out of the tablet's high-definition Retina screen, they said.

    But other reviewers argued that Apple missed a step by not introducing a larger screen with higher resolution, a higher- megapixel camera or even a new product.

    The iPad Air - which does not feature the fingerprint sensor seen on the 5s - comes in Silver or Space Gray.

    It starts at US$499 (S$618), the same price as last year's iPad model, for the Wi-Fi version in the United States and is expected to go on sale in Singapore next Friday.