A Homeplug for fibre Internet connections


    Aug 06, 2013

    A Homeplug for fibre Internet connections

    Sineoji 600Mbps Gigabit Homeplug AV2

    WATCH out, Aztech, someone's invaded your Homeplug turf. Sineoji, which hails from South Korea, is offering a fast Homeplug that goes up to 600Mbps dataspeed. It is suitable for the new generation of fast fibre Internet connections that is coming into Singapore homes.

    Homeplugs, which work in pairs, convert power points into Ethernet sockets, turning the home electric circuit into a data network of sorts.

    Sineoji's setup is fairly easy, as all it takes is to press a security button to link one Homeplug connected to the broadband router to another connected to the wall socket. The PC or tablet can be connected via Ethernet cable to this second Homeplug. No need for messy and unsightly Ethernet wiring in external casing.

    How much:

    To be announced, available in September.