Getting fitter a breeze with Fitbit activity trackers


    Jun 18, 2013

    Getting fitter a breeze with Fitbit activity trackers

    Fitbit activity trackers

    ACTIVITY trackers which monitor physical activity and other health parameters are becoming popular.

    The user wears a rubberised wristband (which is the tracking sensor) that is linked via Bluetooth 4.0 to a smartphone (iPhone or Android device) or iPad or Android tablet loaded with a specific app. The information gathered helps the user figure out what it takes to get fitter.

    Fitbit offers four such trackers - Flex, One, Zip and Aria.

    Flex tracks steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes. It also tracks sleep (number of hours and the number of times the user wakes up). One, Zip and Aria feature a broader spectrum of health parameters, such as weight, Body Mass Index and body fat.

    How much: $129 for Flex and One. Zip and Aria retail at $79 and $169 respectively.

    Flex is sold with black or slate bands and accessory packs (teal, tangerine, navy) cost $39. All products are available on, the Apple Online store, as well as at Harvey Norman, Courts and EpiCentre outlets