Get personal with this battery case

CUSTOMISED COVER: Have your photo printed on the back of Uncommon's Power Gallery battery case for the iPhone 5.


    Oct 04, 2013

    Get personal with this battery case

    The New York Times

    BATTERY cases and phone cases customised with images are both staples of the phone-accessory world. But not a battery case featuring a photo you have taken.

    That's where Uncommon comes in. The company claims to have made the first battery case - called the Power Gallery - for the iPhone 5 that can be imprinted with your own photo.

    It contains a 2,200mAh battery, which just about doubles the battery life of the iPhone; the company said it provides an extra 10 hours of talk time.

    You can pick a design from Uncommon's gallery or upload a photo of your own. When printed on the case, the image will be partially wrapped up over the sides of the phone.

    Uncommon said it uses a proprietary method to print the photo on the case so that it resists scratching.

    To mount the phone in the case, you remove a plastic bumper from the bottom of the case, slide the phone onto the Lightning connector, then reattach the bumper so that the holes align properly with the phone's buttons and ports.

    The case is quite slim and light, and seems to offer some bump-and-scratch protection, but I wouldn't count on it surviving a 4m drop test.

    It not only has an Apple Lightning connector inside, but also a USB connector on the outside. That means you can charge the case from a laptop or a charging block while the phone is in the case, but you cannot sync the phone by wire without taking the case off.

    The Power Gallery retails at US$120 (S$150) on Uncommon's site at