Fancy an interactive coffee table?

SMART TABLE: Connect your phone or tablet to the TableConnect, and instantly use Android and iOS apps on a much larger scale.


    Sep 30, 2013

    Fancy an interactive coffee table?

    TALK about a smartphone that's fit for a giant - a 60-inch multi-touch table that looks and works like a smart handset.

    An Indiegogo project by Vienna-based TableConnect, the product allows users to connect their phone or tablet, and instantly use any of the millions of available iOS and Android apps on a much larger scale.

    The TableConnect is "perfect for point-of-sale marketing, product presentations, gaming and much more", according to its designers.

    Using it is simple: Get an iOS or Android device, plug it into the TableConnect, start its app and it will work just like a smartphone, only much bigger.

    The TableConnect comes in two sizes, 60 inches and 32 inches, meant for use in offices and shops, and as an interactive coffee table at home, respectively.