Jul 19, 2013

    Delay in iPhone 5S debut? Not true

    SUPPLIERS on Wednesday rejected reports that the release of Apple's iPhone 5S handset may be delayed, saying the product will be launched on schedule in September or October.

    Recent reports have attributed Apple's rumoured two- to three-month delay in introducing the latest iteration of its popular handset to a switch to a larger 4.3-inch screen, as well as low yield rates for the production of several key components.

    However, Apple suppliers denied the reports of hardware-specification changes.

    According to Apple observers, the iPhone 5 and its 5S iteration are the last handset models approved personally by company co-founder and chief executive Steve Jobs before his death.

    Apple's entry into the mid-range market, in the form of a low-range iPhone variant, will likely see a drastic departure from convention, said observers.

    Facing increasing competition from other handset-makers, Apple is poised to contest the mid-range market by following the trend of employing larger screen sizes and cheaper plastic casing.

    For now, drastic hardware- specification changes are more likely to occur on its lower-priced variant or the next generation of iPhones, said Apple observers.

    Very little change is expected for the iPhone 5S, apart from moderate feature updates in computing and graphics processor.

    Foreign institutional investors stated that the low-cost iPhone variant has entered trial production, ahead of the iPhone 5S.

    Shipping volume for the low-cost variant in the third quarter is expected to reach 30 million to 35 million units, said institutional investors.