Check phone notifications using this headset


    Jul 30, 2013

    Check phone notifications using this headset

    Sony SBH-50 Bluetooth headset

    LIKE Japan under its new administration, Sony seems to be back on track.

    Once a leading innovator, the company has been in the doldrums for a good number of years, but its products are starting to look interesting now.

    The SBH-50 Bluetooth device is more than just a headset. In addition to wireless audio for calls and music, it has an Oled display for users to read text messages and notifications, as well as browse their call and message logs. Users have to download an app from the Google Play store for this function.

    There is a built-in FM radio. The SBH-50 can be paired with two devices simultaneously and pairing is quite easy, thanks to the headset's near-field-communication capability. Just tap the headset on a device to pair them.

    Battery life is good, with standby time of up to 400 hours and talk time of up to eight hours.

    How much:

    $108, available in white or black