BlackBerry's Q5 a cheaper and better alternative to Q10


    Aug 06, 2013

    BlackBerry's Q5 a cheaper and better alternative to Q10

    BlackBerry Q5 Smartphone

    THIS is the third phone in the BB10 series as BlackBerry (formerly known as Research In Motion) struggles to make a comeback.

    Like the Q10 which was launched not so long ago, the Q5 has a physical QWERTY keypad.

    Comparing the two handsets, there are no major differences, specifications-wise. Screen size is the same (3.1 inches) and the physical dimensions are almost similar. The Q5 is lighter at 120g, versus 139g for the Q10.

    The Q10 has a super Amoled display while the Q5 comes with an IPS LCD. Built-in memory for the Q10 is 16GB, versus 8GB for the Q5.

    There is haptic feedback for the Q10's touchscreen. Also, its battery (1,800mAh) is removable, whereas the Q5 battery (2,180mAh) is not.

    Both handsets are on BB10 OS and should function similarly. But, somehow, the Q5 seems more responsive and easier to navigate. And I do prefer the Chiclet-like keypad on the Q5. Battery life is also better and, most important of all, it is considerably cheaper than the Q10 ($500-plus RRP vs $800-plus).

    Even though it lacks BIS or BES, this is one BlackBerry handset I can live with. Maybe the next generation of BlackBerry devices (rumoured to be called A10) will finally start to put things right for BlackBerry.

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