Beautiful coffee-maker brews in no time


    Oct 29, 2013

    Beautiful coffee-maker brews in no time

    Nespresso Umilk coffee-maker

    UMILK, the latest offering from capsule-fed coffee-maker Nespresso, brings design and functionality improvements.

    The water tank, the milk warmer/frother (called the Aeroccino3) and the main machine are all joined in a single module, unlike in previous models where they came in separate units.

    The water tank and the Aeroccino3 can be swivelled to the back of the coffee-maker to fit the space that is available.

    Umilk memorises its user's favourite cup length and there are pre-programmed Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo sizes. The cup support is also designed to support long or short drinks.

    Early Expresso models have a long heat-up time, but the UMilk is up and running in 25 seconds, brewing coffee as soon as the capsule is inserted and the slider closed.

    And with a new drop-stop feature, coffee drops - which can be messy - are cut off and the used capsule is automatically ejected.

    These may not seem like major improvements, but they do make coffee brewing an even simpler and more efficient process, which explains why Nespresso has become a major player in the high-end coffee-maker market.

    That it is a beautifully designed machine with a light aesthetic touch also helps.

    How much: $428, available in pure cream and pure black