Aug 30, 2013

    All eyes on Samsung's Tizen

    SAMSUNG Electronics is beefing up its efforts to release a new operating system for smart devices.

    The electronics giant said that it has opened registration for the first Samsung Developers Conference, scheduled to be held in San Francisco from Oct 27 to 29.

    Expectations are high that the Seoul-based firm will release at the conference a new version of its mobile operating system Tizen - a project pushed mainly by the Korean firm, along with other mobile manufacturers and service carriers, including Intel and Huawei - and the first Tizen-operated smartphone.

    The alliance was first formed in 2011 to reduce reliance on and further break away from Google's Android operating system.

    It unveiled Tizen 1.0 and 2.0 last year and earlier this year, respectively.

    Samsung has not yet released any smartphone equipped with the operating system.

    Google and Apple accounted for almost 90 per cent of the mobile-OS market worldwide last year, according to research institute International Data Corporation.

    The Samsung conference will provide insight into new tools to help developers create applications and services across Samsung devices and best-practice demonstrations, the firm said in a press release.