Who says S'pore men aren't romantic?

ELABORATE: Stomper Wesley got one group of friends to distract his girlfriend Apple while he got ready for his proposal with another group.


    Jun 28, 2013

    Who says S'pore men aren't romantic?

    IF YOU think men in Singapore are boring and unromantic, you couldn't be more wrong.

    From flash mobs and song-and-dance routines to heartwarming video tributes, some men are pulling out all the stops when asking their girlfriends to marry them.

    These romantic gestures have inspired many people on citizen-journalism website Stomp.

    Stomper Serena, 25, was impressed by the efforts that a guy put in to propose to his girlfriend at Marina Barrage. The lucky girl happened to be her friend, Apple.

    Serena, a real-estate agent, said: "I want to share with others that it's not about how much money you spend on the proposal, but the sincerity and efforts put in."

    She said the guy, Wesley, took two months to plan the proposal.

    On that day, Wesley got one group of friends to distract Apple while he prepared the props for his proposal with another group.

    When Apple arrived at Marina Barrage, she thought that she was witnessing someone else's proposal. She was shocked when she realised she was the star.

    Wesley's friends held up glow-in-the-dark signs as night fell that day.

    Other men in Singapore are pulling off elaborate proposals by roping in friends and family members.

    In one case, a local media company was hired to produce a short video that was played in a cinema as a prelude to the proposal.

    In the video produced by Moomedia, a young man named Malcolm was seen asking family members, relatives and friends for reasons his girlfriend Grace should marry him.

    When he asked her parents for Grace's hand in marriage, her mother squealed in delight and embraced her future son-in-law.

    Malcolm got a "yes" from Grace in the cinema filled with family members and friends.

    Another memorable proposal involved a huge group of people at the Singapore Flyer.

    It kicked off with a flash mob. The man, Aaron, danced to several songs before giving a moving speech about his girlfriend Tracy.

    The proposal saw Tracy with tears of happiness and had the crowd cheering.

    The most unlikely place to make a proposal has to be on board a ship at Changi Naval Base. But that was exactly where a Navy serviceman proposed to his girlfriend.

    Stomper Spider found a photo of the proposal on Facebook, with the caption: "Great last day of Navy Open House. Ending with one of our very own proposing to his girlfriend out at sea. Great support from the crew of the RSS Vengeance/Valour to make the impossible happen! Well done!"

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