Sep 27, 2013

    What's new in STOMP

    STOMP has introduced two additions to its website to present news in the most engaging way.

    First, the Hey Goondus feature now resides within the website's Singapore Seen section.

    Hey Goondus aims to expose antisocial behaviour displayed in public, such as commuters eating on public transport, motorists parking their vehicles illegally and people abusing social media.

    One recent Hey Goondus report was contributed by STOMPer Bryan, who was annoyed to see an elderly man cut the queue at Tanah Merah MRT station every morning, while other commuters made the effort to line up.

    By reporting such instances of misbehaviour encountered in their daily lives, STOMPers hope to encourage others to conduct themselves in a civil manner when they are in a public place.

    The second addition that STOMP has introduced is the Most Popular Yesterday section in Singapore Seen, which features two of the previous day's most viewed stories.

    Putting these hot topics in the Most Popular Yesterday section ensures that readers will not miss out on the hottest and latest news and talking points.