Watch that delicate skin around eyes

FRAGILE: The skin around the eyes suffers much wear and tear daily, says skincare expert Charlotte Brockett.


    Nov 26, 2013

    Watch that delicate skin around eyes

    A BLINK of the eye can cause damage to the delicate skin around our peepers. What's more, a person blinks an average of over 10,000 times in a day.

    That's just one of the facial movements that causes the skin around the eyes, the thinnest skin on the body, to deteriorate.

    "The skin around the eyes is subjected to a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis through squinting, frowning, crying, smiling as well as blinking," said Ms Charlotte Brockett, an expert with 12 years of experience in the skincare industry.

    Adding to the under-eye woes are sunlight, lack of sleep and the unavoidable process of ageing. Some common under-eye issues, like dark eye circles, have been linked to genetics.

    A handy tip to find out the cause of "panda eyes" is to press on the discolouration, noted New York City dermatologist Amy Wechsler in a Huffington Post article published earlier this year.

    Dr Wechsler wrote that, if the dark circles lighten, it's a sign that the skin is thin and blood vessels are visible. She advised the daily use of a retinoid cream to boost the skin with collagen.

    If the darkness persists, the dark eye circles could be a result of "hereditary pigmentation or sun exposure", or both factors, she added. The dark situation can be lightened by applying sunblock under the eyes religiously every day.

    Not applying sunblock to protect the skin around the eye area will cause the skin to age faster as well, said Ms Brockett, who is American skincare brand Dermalogica's international senior training specialist for Asia and New Zealand.

    She pointed out that harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun penetrate twice as fast in that area, leading to fine lines and wrinkles.

    Hydration is a mantra repeated by skincare experts for keeping fine lines and wrinkles around the eye at bay.

    Not just any moisturiser will do for the vulnerable under-eye area, Ms Brockett warned.

    She said that a consequence of using a regular moisturiser for the under-eye area is that it could be too rich and cause milia seeds, or oil-filled bumps.

    MyPaper checks out the concoctions specially formulated to brighten the skin around those precious peepers.