Vote for Lollipop celeb  who inspires you


    Aug 16, 2013

    Vote for Lollipop celeb who inspires you

    WHILE some celebrities make headlines for the wrong reasons, others stand out for the inspiring things they have done.

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    Twenty celebrities who have been inspiring recently are featured in the contest.

    One such celebrity is Hong Kong actress Michelle Yim, who, at 57, still inspires others to keep fit with her stunning looks.

    The actress received praise online after uploading pictures of herself in a one-piece swimsuit.

    Another celebrity who still looks good even after 30 years in the entertainment industry is Singaporean actress Chen Liping.

    The 47-year-old is a source of inspiration for those who want to lose weight the healthy way, after she shed 6kg without resorting to oral medication or skin products.

    The actress went from 76kg to 67kg in three weeks after taking part in a slimming programme that she endorses, saying that she wanted to lose weight to be healthier.

    While Michelle Yim and Chen Liping have been successful in maintaining their looks, Hong Kong action star Donnie Yen was not always able to maintain a healthy balance in his bank account.

    Responding to claims over his high salary, he recalled the "lowest" amount he had in his account was a measly HK$100 (S$16).

    Despite this setback, Yen reacted positively and said: "Actors will always have their ups and downs, salary doesn't mean anything."

    A celebrity who made headlines for the right reason is Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang.

    She cried her heart out during her concert when she heard her father had passed away.

    The filial daughter revealed that she spent seven years clearing her father's debts after his business venture failed.

    Despite this huge undertaking, Rainie never bore her father any grudges, and said that helping her parents was her responsibility.

    Another celebrity who does not take responsibility lightly is Mariah Carey, who performed at a charity concert for Hurricane Sandy victims despite hurting herself.

    The singer was rushed to hospital after she fell and dislocated her shoulder and cracked a rib.

    Despite being in pain, Mariah took to the stage in a sparkly white dress and said she "wouldn't have missed this moment".

    While Mariah Carey overcame her pain for charity, Malay singer Shila Amzah overcame a language barrier to win a Chinese reality-singing competition.

    Despite knowing only a smattering of Mandarin, the 23-year-old fooled many into thinking she could speak the language fluently from the way she sang.

    Her rendition of Mandarin songs was so good that she made the Chinese judges feel her emotions.

    For those of you who need a push in the right direction in the romance department, look no further than home-grown singer JJ Lin for inspiration.

    During his recent Taipei concert, JJ plucked up the courage to express his love for Taiwanese singer Hebe Tien.

    JJ said he "went along with his feelings and didn't think much".

    He sat beside his dream girl, who was in the audience, and hugged and serenaded her with a ballad.

    Recalling his feelings, he said he was embarrassed and shy, and had never been so scared in his entire life.

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