Dec 04, 2013

    View dynamic S-E Asia in Seoul art show


    CONTEMPORARY photographs and new-media art from South-east Asia are being showcased in Seoul, shedding light on the dynamic and vibrant cultural scenes in the region.

    The Asean-Korea Contemporary Media Art Exhibition 2013 brings together some of the hottest contemporary artists from Asean countries, and introduces their compelling works of art alongside those of South Korean artists.

    The exhibition, in its fourth year, presents 90 works of art by 18 artists from the 10 Asean member countries - including Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore and Thailand - and five South Korean artists.

    Under the title Parallax: Asean Changing Landscapes and Wandering Stars, the exhibition offers fresh insight into the fast-changing scenes of South-east Asian countries, whose cultures are still largely defined in a traditional context.

    "People still tend to interpret South-east Asian countries through their heritage and tradition, but they are some of the fastest-changing places in the world and have vibrant cultures," said Ms Lee Aenah, deputy head of the culture and tourism unit of the Asean-Korea Center, the organiser of the exhibition.

    "The exhibition gives us new insight into these dynamic communities."

    For example, artist Krisna Murti's photographs reveal the dynamism and ironies found in Indonesian society. In his photograph titled De-Collection, the artist himself is dressed in traditional attire, along with ridiculous-looking robotic parts.

    Singaporean artist Tay Kay Chin, a photojournalist-turned-artist, has created panoramic images of ordinary scenes with unfamiliar features.

    Yonsei University photography professor Shin Sue Jin, who is curating the exhibition, said: "The exhibition shows changing urban landscapes of South-east Asia and the diverse psychological responses of its people, as well as the formation of a new identity amid this phenomenon."

    The exhibition will run till next Friday at Seoul Citizens' Hall in the new Seoul City Hall.