Nov 13, 2013

    Taking fashion from streets to blogs


    SCOTT Schuman's The Sartorialist - a blog that documents fashionable men and women on the street - has revolutionised the way urbanites dress.

    Launched in 2005, the blog was initially intended to catalogue random stylish men in New York, an entirely fitting venture considering the 45-year-old's previous job as a director of men's fashion at Bergdorf Goodman.

    The blog's beautiful images and write-ups (educational without being pedantic) have gained international attention. Photos of barbers, cobblers and - perhaps, most memorably - African-American gentlemen from Harlem, changed the way men wear their shirts (worn cotton is chic!), pants (show those ankles) and socks (go colourful or ditch them).

    Time ranked The Sartorialist as one of the Top 100 Design Influences in 2007, and Schuman released style books containing photographs he took over the years.

    His blog has inspired legions of street-style blogs, most notably Tommy Ton's Jak & Jil and Phil Oh's Streetpeeper.

    But way before them, there was Bill Cunningham.

    The 84-year-old photographer, whose life and work became the subject of a documentary titled Bill Cunningham New York, has been running a pictorial fashion column in The New York Times since December 1978.


    One of the most interesting offshoots from the boom in street-style fashion is the fact that clothing choices have become so deliberate.

    Everyone - from moneyed bachelors to magazine editors - anticipates that pose-for-the-camera moment whenever they appear at social events.

    It's fascinating to comb through archives to view these standout fashionistas, and then assess how their strong personal looks have come to define trend after trend on the runway.

    You never know when a fashion blogger will turn his lens on you. To make sure that you look camera-ready at all times, here are some smart, affordable and season-appropriate options.


    Keep your skinny jeans in the closet and get yourself a new boot-cut pair instead.

    Pair with a classic shirt, or even a washed-out denim shirt (denim on denim isn't a bad idea this season). If you're a man's man, throw in a warm-coloured bomber jacket.


    Be it a cocktail dress, a cardigan, a simple top or a pair of trousers, don't be afraid to play with prints.