STOMPers expose errant drivers

RECKLESS: In a video posted on STOMP, two drivers were seen trying to overtake each other dangerously in a tunnel.
STOMPers expose errant drivers

AGGRESSIVE: The two drivers almost caused an accident when they refused to give way to each other.
STOMPers expose errant drivers

HAULED UP: Within two days of the report's appearance on STOMP, the Traffic Police hauled up both drivers for investigations.


    Aug 23, 2013

    STOMPers expose errant drivers

    THE rise in the use of car cameras has made it easier for members of the public to record videos that expose errant drivers.

    Many people are sending their videos to citizen-journalism website STOMP, which is known for its extensive reach and strong following.

    The objective is not just to alert the authorities, but also to warn others of the dangers of reckless behaviour on the road.

    This is something that STOMPer Gary can attest to. He alerted STOMP to a video of two audacious drivers engaged in a dangerous street race with each other in Sengkang.

    One of the drivers even had the cheek to post the car-cam video on YouTube.

    Gary shared the video with STOMP as he felt that action had to be taken against the drivers.

    The video went viral soon after it was posted on STOMP.

    A friend of one of the drivers then wrote to STOMP, requesting that the video be taken down.

    He was worried that his friend would get into trouble with the law.

    He has cause for concern, as the authorities are taking such matters seriously.

    The Singapore Police Force has asked STOMP to provide details of such incidents on many occasions.

    In fact, the case of the racing drivers is being investigated by the police.

    In a similar case, STOMPers Mitsueki and Poppy sent in a video of two drivers overtaking each other dangerously in an expressway tunnel, almost causing an accident.

    Within two days, the Traffic Police issued an official response to the STOMP report, stating that such reckless behaviour will not be condoned and that both drivers had been called up for investigations.

    Besides street racers, there are also drivers who do not have any regard for road etiquette.

    One example of this is in a report by Christine, who sent in a video showing a blue Honda blocking an ambulance's way in an expressway tunnel.

    Despite the blaring siren, the driver hogged the right-most lane.

    The ambulance driver was forced to use the lane on the left to overtake the car.

    The report soon became a talking point among STOMPers.

    The car's driver has been fined $160 and got four demerit points.

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