The right place at the right time

RECKLESS BEHAVIOUR: A youth was left bleeding severely from the head after he climbed into a fountain at Marina Bay Sands.
The right place at the right time

LOCAL HEROES: These men prevented a suspected pervert from running away near a coffee shop at Tiong Bahru.
The right place at the right time

UNUSUAL SIGHT: Stompers sent in photos of this huge monitor lizard wandering around a Yishun lift lobby.


    Sep 27, 2013

    The right place at the right time

    LUCK plays a part in capturing breaking news, and many of STOMP's citizen journalists have been fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time.

    Of course, being alert to what's happening around them plays a crucial role, too.

    With the prevalence of mobile devices, STOMPers are able to instantly record news as it unfolds and contribute their stories, photos and videos to STOMP 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    As a result, STOMP is always the first to dish out first-hand accounts of events reported by people on the ground.

    Many of these reports are subsequently picked up by the mainstream media.

    One such report involved a youth who was left bleeding severely from the head after he climbed into the Rain Oculus fountain at Marina Bay Sands.

    STOMPer Ben, who was at the scene, described how a group of playful youngsters were performing dangerous acts near the fountain, when one of them jumped in.

    The youth hurt his head and was bleeding.

    Ben captured all the drama by snapping photos as the youth attempted to climb out of the fountain with the aid of his friends.

    Another dangerous incident was witnessed by a STOMPer who was travelling on a bus. A passenger, who was apparently drunk, acted violently.

    The bus was travelling towards Little India when a loud bang was heard. It turned out that the passenger had hit one of the front doors of the bus and shattered the glass.

    The STOMPer said the bus captain refused to open the bus doors, fearing that the culprit would run away. Police were later called in.

    In another incident, STOMPer Dolphin managed to capture riveting photos of several people pinning a man to the ground after he allegedly took upskirt photos of a woman in a lift.

    The STOMPer was having dinner at a coffee shop in the Tiong Bahru area when he witnessed the incident. The police were called in and the suspect was subsequently arrested.

    STOMPer Colin witnessed a dramatic incident involving a van driver being pursued by the police at 4am.

    The driver turned into a carpark in Marine Drive, before abandoning his vehicle and fleeing on foot.

    Colin said more police officers arrived at the scene to give chase. He was unsure if the man was eventually caught.

    More high-speed drama was captured on a video sent in by STOMPer Daniel, showing a biker being thrown off his motorcycle after being hit by a taxi at the junction of Beach Road and Rochor Road.

    The nine-second video shows the biker attempting to weave between a line of cars that was in his way as he was making a right turn.

    However, the biker failed to see the taxi as it ploughed into him from the left.

    While all the stories that have been mentioned made for exciting breaking news, one recent report stood out because of its rather peculiar nature - the sighting of a huge monitor lizard at a block of flats in Yishun.

    STOMPers hugelizard and Adrian sent in photos of the reptile as it was moving around the lift lobby and scaring residents away on Saturday morning. The creature was later caught.

    If you happen to witness an unusual or dramatic incident, share the news by sending in your photos and videos, accompanied by a short description, to