Real men wear make-up, say SHINee

STYLE ICONS: SHINee members (from left) Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun and Key were in town to perform at the Etude Pink Play Party at Marina Bay Sands on Tuesday. Minho was not present due to filming commitments.
Real men wear make-up, say SHINee

BE THEIR PRINCESS: SHINee are behind the Etude House MiniMe Be My Princess scents, with each scent based on a member's idea of his ideal girlfriend.


    Aug 29, 2013

    Real men wear make-up, say SHINee

    ONE might wonder who the boys of South Korean pop quintet SHINee turn to for their fashion cues.

    After all, they're often decked out in eye-catching, trendy outfits.

    It turns out that, sometimes, the boys' fashion idols are each other.

    That's the case for the group's leader, Onew, who told My Paper on Tuesday that his style icon is none other than the band's trendiest member - Key.

    Onew, 23, said: "He's very interested in fashion. He knows everything when we speak to him about fashion or beauty products."

    Onew wasn't exaggerating.

    When My Paper asked who Key's style icons are, the 21-year-old pondered over it thoughtfully before rattling off names like Madonna, Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson.

    And at the press event on Tuesday, Onew, Key, Jonghyun, 23, and Taemin, 20, were impeccably dressed. Their candy-coloured blazers matched, and they all sported well-coiffed hairdos.

    Member Minho, 21, was not present as he had filming commitments in South Korea.

    The popular boy band was in town to perform for 3,500 fans at the Etude Pink Play Party at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre.

    It marked the first time that the South Korean beauty brand has taken its annual, star-studded event abroad.

    The fresh-faced boys, who have been the ambassadors for Etude House since 2011, have no qualms about being associated with products targeted largely at women. The brand carries mostly make-up items, though it also has an extensive range of skincare products.

    The guys are behind the Etude House MiniMe Be My Princess range of scents.

    Each of the five scents is based on a SHINee member's idea of his ideal girlfriend.

    The band was teasingly asked if they minded fronting a brand that sells make-up for women.

    Jonghyun surprised by saying: "I think it's okay if men wear make-up."

    The band member, who is known for his buff physique, added: "Men are entitled to look good. Make-up is one way of expressing your style."

    Key chimed in, saying: "As we are guys, we don't normally wear make-up when we don't have performances. But, outside of work, we do wear light make-up, like BB cream."

    Well, that settles that.

    So, who's the most vain among the five of them?

    Jonghyun said: "All of us care about our looks. I think Minho is the one (who cares the most about his looks), because he's the most handsome."