A new high, a new look


    Aug 02, 2013

    A new high, a new look

    STOMP climbed its way to an all-time high of 120.6 million page views last month.

    The award-winning citizen-journalism and social-networking website broke its previous record of 110 million page views set in January last year.

    The website's phenomenal success since its launch in 2006 demonstrates its power to connect, engage and interact with its ever-growing community of users, especially on local talking points.

    At the heart of Stomp's success is its citizen-journalism section, Singapore Seen, which empowers users to report on-the-ground news from Singapore and beyond.

    One example is the recent story of an SMRT bus which had skidded and overturned in Dairy Farm Road, killing a male passenger and injuring two others who were on board.

    Though many local media outlets carried the story, Stomp was the first to publish the video of the accident, sent by the driver of a vehicle travelling in the opposite lane when the crash occurred.

    The dramatic video shows how the bus hurtled into the opposite lane and across oncoming traffic before crashing.

    Stomp's huge presence on Facebook and Twitter also enables the website to quickly alert its readers to breaking news like this.

    But Stomp does not rest on its laurels. It strives to continually build on its success and introduce interactive functions to its website.

    In keeping with its concept of constant change, Stomp has undergone a major revamp in its design and features.

    Sporting a sleeker and brighter design, the different sections in Stomp are now more appealing and engaging.

    The homepage now features the hottest stories from the past seven days and a menu bar showing the top stories from each section of the website.

    This will allow readers to not only stay up to date on daily news, but also keep abreast of current hot topics that are popular among Singaporeans.

    Also, readers who visit Singapore Seen will be able to view articles categorised by the Mood Meter channels - LOL, Ouch, Cute, Shiok, Bochup, Fail, OMG, Ewww and So Sad.

    For instance, if readers go to the LOL channel, they will see all the stories that were voted most hilarious.

    Readers can utilise the Previous or Next story buttons, which will become a mainstay on each article. Using these buttons, they can navigate to other stories easily, without having to return to the homepage.

    For fans of Stomp who like to receive their news on the go, the popular mobile app for iPhone and Android retains its familiarity.

    The same ease of accessing the day's hottest stories and catching up on the conversation via comments remain.

    Both versions maintain the simplicity of submitting photo and video contributions on the go, as well as quick access to Stomp sites via the app.

    To download the free app, click on the mobile icon on the top left of the Stomp homepage, lined up with our other social-media tools.

    You can also check out

    Apart from citizen journalism, Stomp provides the latest news in showbiz through its entertainment site, Lollipop.

    Visitors to Lollipop can expect to see the latest news on the Asian entertainment field and Hollywood.

    Movie and drama buffs can stay up to date on their favourite shows, while curious readers can keep up with the latest celebrity buzz and gossip.

    Users will be able to view two new pages, Who Rocks and Who Doesn't. These segments feature celebrities who have done something commendable or embarrassing.

    Articles are categorised according to regions. For example, fans of local entertainment news will be able to view more of their favourite articles by clicking on the Singa-Pop tab.

    For exciting news from other regions, fans can go to the K-Pop, Mando-Pop, J-Pop, Bollywood and Hollywood tabs.

    Club Stomp and Courtroom, Stomp's front-row seats to the latest nightlife and crime stories respectively, feature a neater interface that allows readers access to more content.

    However, Stomp's success would not have been possible without its dedicated army of citizen journalists, who contribute stories, photos and videos round the clock.

    We would like to thank you, the Stompers, for all your contributions, suggestions and support.

    Join the Stomp community. Go to to contribute, comment and connect!