May 31, 2013

    Is it illegal to catch wild animals for consumption?

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    Here is this week's question: Is it illegal to catch wild animals for consumption?

    Under the Wild Animals and Birds Act, it is illegal to capture and remove most species of wild animals in any area in Singapore.

    According to the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority's website, the Act states that it is an offence for any person to kill, take or keep any wild animal or bird.

    The only exceptions are those specified in the Act's schedule - such as mynahs, pigeons and crows - and even those cannot be killed without a licence.

    Additionally, wild animals in national parks and nature reserves are under the protection of the Parks and Trees Act.

    However, according to The Straits Times article published on Feb 28, 2010, "Illegal fishing: Many getting hooked", fishing is legal at designated areas in Singapore.

    You may wish to refer to the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society website, as well as the Wild Animals and Birds Act and the Parks and Trees Act, for more information.