The inside scoop on Asian showbiz

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    May 31, 2013

    The inside scoop on Asian showbiz

    POP quiz: How much did Psy have to pay for his hotel room at the Marina Bay Sands during the Social Star Awards?

    Regular readers of Lollipop, the entertainment website with a distinct Asian focus, would know the answer: A whopping $10,000 a night.

    With up-to-date, refreshing and in-depth coverage of the latest happenings, Lollipop is a treasure trove for the showbiz buff.

    Lollipop's Newsroom section is abuzz with the latest news on celebrities from Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and much more.

    One story that is garnering much attention is "Heavenly King" Andy Lau's staunch refusal to work in Hollywood productions.

    The multi-talented actor, singer and director recently made headlines with his controversial statement that Hollywood "has no respect for Chinese artists".

    Other popular Newsroom stories include the buzz over Singapore actress Pan Ling Ling's surgical procedure, as well as the surprising tale of how Chris Tong narrowly avoided becoming the victim of a carjacking in Malaysia, all because of her tiny pet dog.

    And once you get up to speed with the latest showbiz news, head over to The Insider to satisfy your craving for the juiciest showbiz gossip.

    This section of Lollipop is never short of updates on the latest celebrity romances, rumours and insider tip-offs.

    Get the inside scoop on Fan Bing Bing's attempts to catch Jackie Chan's eye, including the awkward hug she forced on him at a press conference in Cannes, Selina Li's attempts to keep her relationship a secret and G.Na's dubious claim that she finds her ample chest "troublesome".

    Learn about openly-affectionate couple Raymond Lam's and Karena Ng's rumoured secret wedding in the United States, as well as Gillian Chung's bizarre reason for dumping her Korean boyfriend.

    Celebrity confessions and rumours aside, The Insider is also where you can read about celebrity fashion boo-boos, like Park Bom's quirky fishnet tights and G-Dragon's controversial "red lip".

    And if that isn't enough to pique your interest, check out Lollipop's Multimedia section for a vast gallery of celebrity pictures and videos.

    Here, you can catch a glimpse of celebrities' secret transformations through plastic surgery, with galleries of female stars with and without make-up, as well as rare behind-the-scenes photos from famous movies.

    While you are browsing through the thousands of photos, don't forget to go through Lollipop's stash of video clips, which feature everything from Chan's attempts to train a fish to Stefanie Sun spilling the beans on her weight gain after the birth of her baby.

    Have something to say about a story or star? Head over to Lollipop's Kampung Glam forums, where you can discuss all things showbiz with fellow fans.

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