How to act like a Smurf

DESCENDANT: Smurfs creator Peyo's daughter, Ms Veronique Culliford.


    Jun 24, 2013

    How to act like a Smurf

    LAST Saturday was Global Smurfs Day, and Smurfs creator Peyo's daughter, Ms Veronique Culliford, graced the event.

    To be a Smurf, there were rules. Here are a few that the writer received:




    Dress in your Smurfy best


    To be a Smurf, you have to dress and look like one first. Be prepared to paint yourself blue, that is, your entire face and neck.


    Guys should put on a blue shirt and white trousers. To be the girly Smurfette, don a sleeveless white dress and a blonde or yellow wig. Top it off with white shoes and a white conical cap.


    Be nice, not naughty


    Be on your best Smurf behaviour. No rude or offensive acts, and always put on a smile.


    If you missed Smurfs Day, but are visiting Brussels, here are two places you ought to check out:


    Smurf Store


    Bring home your favourite Smurf emblazoned on merchandise from the Smurf Store in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, the country of the little blue creatures' origins. Get everything from a postcard (1.50 euros, S$2.50) to a Smurf crystal figurine (295 euros). Visit



    Moof Museum


    The Moof Museum, or the Museum of Original Figurines, is home to comic-book characters from Tintin to the adorable blue Smurfs. The cosy, small-scale museum is found within the same building as the Smurf Store. Check out