Oct 18, 2013

    The hot index

    HERE are this week's top 10 hot topics in Singapore Seen, Stomp's citizen-journalism section:

    Unusual-looking green bug spotted

    A STOMPer saw an unusual green bug with a long, curved stinger on his desk and wondered if it was dangerous.

    Family draws on road with chalk

    A STOMPer saw a family doodling on Martia Road with chalk on Tuesday.

    Exhaust flue catches fire

    A STOMPer saw smoke billowing out of an exhaust flue at a block of Housing Board flats in Kim Keat Road.

    Woman yells at commuter

    A woman shouted at an MRT commuter who asked her to lower the volume of her phone.

    Unusual licence plate spotted

    A STOMPer was intrigued by a motorcycle licence plate that had four zeroes.

    M1's 3G services disrupted

    M1's 3G mobile services were disrupted for about three hours on Tuesday.

    Wall near childcare centre vandalised

    A STOMPer found crude drawings and vulgarities scrawled on a wall near a childcare centre in Woodlands.

    Woman drives with dog on her lap

    A woman was seen driving towards Stevens Road with her pet dog on her lap.

    Errant NSF found ranting on Facebook

    A STOMPer complained that an NSF who ranted on Facebook about being charged with misfiring has not learnt his lesson.

    Structure perched precariously on edge of building

    A STOMPer was worried that a large structure placed on the edge of a worksite could fall on construction workers nearby. KUMARESAN SUKUMAR

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