Oct 04, 2013

    The hot index

    HERE are this week's top 10 hot topics in Singapore Seen, Stomp's citizen-journalism section:

    Youth stabbed outside shopping mall

    A man in his 20s was arrested for allegedly stabbing a youth outside Lot One.

    Seven workers injured after scaffolding collapses

    Seven construction workers were hurt, one of them seriously, when the scaffolding collapsed at a Braddell Road worksite.

    Driver transports mattress on convertible

    The female driver of a BMW convertible was spotted holding on to a mattress as she drove.

    VivoCity glass door shatters

    STOMPer Siti was shocked when a glass door at VivoCity shattered unexpectedly.

    Mystery man to the rescue after car catches fire

    An unidentified man was caught on video helping to put out a blaze involving a car at the Woodlands Checkpoint.

    Young girl's shoe caught in escalator

    A young girl escaped serious injury after her shoe got stuck in an escalator at Star Vista mall.

    Maids let toddler play on road

    Two domestic helpers were photographed leaving a toddler to run around on a road while they talked under a tree.

    Commuter lets tired stranger rest on his shoulder

    A STOMPer on an MRT train was touched when a foreign worker did not awaken a stranger resting on the worker's shoulder.

    Fight at Jurong coffee shop

    Several men were seen throwing chairs and beer bottles at each other in a Jurong West coffee shop.

    Man vandalises car

    A STOMPer's in-car camera captured footage of a man vandalising the vehicle's windscreen with a permanent marker. 


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