Sep 13, 2013

    The hot index

    HERE are this week's top 10 hot topics in Singapore Seen, Stomp's citizen-journalism section:


    Elderly cyclist stops in middle of road junction

    An elderly cyclist stopped in the middle of a road junction in Bishan after he was honked at.


    'Human flamingo' spotted

    A Stomper was amused to see a woman with fluffy pink footwear.


    Floor tiles pop up suddenly in two homes

    Two residents, one in Sengkang and the other in Punggol, were shocked when floor tiles in their homes popped up unexpectedly.


    Traffic dispute turns ugly on Causeway

    A driver tried to hit a man with his car during a traffic dispute on the Causeway.


    Lightning storm over university caught on video

    An undergrad sent in a video showing flashes of lightning over his campus.


    'Talk less and do more, Mr Stange'

    A Stomper was dismayed by Singapore football coach Bernd Stange's criticism of his predecessor.


    Let's see what Case can do, says shop employee

    An employee at a shop in Sim Lim Square was defiant when told about a complaint made against the shop.


    Distraught maid spotted at edge of Bedok canal

    A group of cyclists called the police after seeing a distraught maid sitting on the edge of a canal in Bedok.


    Monitor lizard seen at Toa Payoh bus stop

    A 1.8m-long monitor lizard was spotted near a bus stop in Toa Payoh.


    'Beer bunny' serves patrons at Jurong West coffee shop

    A patron of a Jurong West coffee shop was amused to see a beer promoter wearing bunny ears.



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