Jul 05, 2013

    The hot index

    HERE are this week's top 10 hot topics in Singapore Seen, Stomp's citizen-journalism section:


    Potential employer rudely rejects job applicant

    A man enquired via text message about a job advertisement, but received a rude reply and rejection from the boss. 

    Woman in cinema props feet up 

    A woman rested her feet on the seat in front of her at the Singapore Omni-Theatre.

    Injured by metal plate

    A Stomper's toe was badly cut when she accidentally kicked a loose metal plate in a carpark.

    Flat attacked by wasps

    A Stomper first spotted wasps entering his Choa Chu Kang unit last month but, after three weeks of peace, they're back.

    Lion dance disrupts sleep

    Loud drums and a lion dance held at midnight in Buangkok Crescent disrupted a family's sleep.

    Paint causes fire

    Flammable paint left unattended at a void deck in Clementi Avenue 5 caught fire.

    Biker bleeds on road

    A badly-injured biker was lying on the road and bleeding after an accident in Fort Road.

    Girl smokes in uniform

    A female student from Catholic Junior College was spotted smoking openly at a coffee shop.

    Restaurant serves prawns to vegetarian customer

    A Stomper requested vegetarian dishes for her father at a restaurant, but was served dishes that contained prawns.

    Cockroach found in soup

    Staff at Shen Ji Seafood told a Stomper that cockroaches found in its dishes can't be helped as its kitchen is always busy.


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