Jun 14, 2013

    The hot index

    HERE are this week's top 10 hot topics in Singapore Seen, Stomp's citizen-journalism section:

    Dog dies after groomer leaves it in car boot

    A groomer told a Stomper that her dog had been stolen, but she found out that it had been locked in the boot of the groomer's car.

    Couple dances in middle of road

    A couple was seen blasting music from a cab while dancing in the middle of the road.

    Charged $26 for water at restaurant

    A restaurant in Arab Street charged $26.40 for two pitchers of plain water.

    Student sells items made of joss paper

    A student made badges and stickers out of joss paper.

    Teens push friend in supermarket trolley

    A group of teens made a lot of noise and pushed their friend around in a trolley at Giant supermarket in Parkway Parade.

    Honest drinks-stall helper

    A drinks-stall attendant in Chinatown returned a phone to the owner after it was left on a nearby table.

    Teens hide bus hangers

    Teens removed hangers that contained information on bus routes and timings.

    Posing as traffic police

    An out-rider escort service for a wedding convoy has people confusing them with traffic police.

    Body checks at Daiso

    A sign outside Daiso warned patrons that they could be subjected to a body check.

    Dangerous Ferrari driver

    A Ferrari was seen manoeuvring dangerously along the Pan Island Expressway.


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