May 31, 2013

    The hot index

    HERE are this week's top 10 hot topics in Singapore Seen, Stomp's citizen-journalism section:

    Cyclists stop hit-and-run driver who hit motorbike

    Two cyclists chased down a driver who hit a motorcycle bearing two people in Loyang.

    'Singapore Stalker' secretly films women to post online

    A man secretly filmed 28 videos of women in lifts, supermarkets and other public places.

    Online merchant delivers different product from ad

    A buyer not only received an item that did not meet her expectations, but was also insulted by the seller.

    Guy proposes at pub

    A man proposed to his girlfriend before a large crowd at a pub.

    Youths pull stunt on escalator in Orchard Road

    A Stomper came across a video of youths doing push-ups on an escalator in Orchard Road.

    Students targeted for donations at MRT stations

    A number of young people was seen at MRT stations soliciting $10 donations again.

    Elderly man climbs divider to cross road

    A frail old man was seen climbing dangerously over a road divider in Sengkang.

    Student mimics resting worker at void deck

    A student in uniform snapped a picture of himself mimicking a resting worker at a void deck.

    Car stuck in drain

    A car got stuck in a drain in Jalan Bukit Merah following an accident with a taxi.

    Men in civvies sternly direct travellers at airport

    Two unidentified men were seen directing travellers to have their luggage scanned at Changi Airport.


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