Here's your daily surprise

PERFECT MOMENT: STOMPer Kim Siang discovered that even monitor lizards need hugs to get them through the day.
Here's your daily surprise

MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO: STOMPer Snoop spotted a monkey playing with a woman's iPad.


    Sep 20, 2013

    Here's your daily surprise

    IF YOU are looking for some respite from the drudgery of everyday life, go to STOMP, Singapore's number one citizen-journalism website.

    Besides bringing you the latest breaking news, STOMP's alert citizen journalists capture the little quirks of life in Singapore, from strange creature sightings to weird fashion and unexpected trends.

    One example of unusual animal behaviour was spotted by STOMPer Kim Siang. He snapped a photograph of two monitor lizards in a public display of affection.

    The STOMPer photographed the reptiles in an embrace near a canal in Jurong East.

    The perfectly timed photo seems to show that, sometimes, even animals need a hug to help them get through the day.

    However, overly friendly animals can also be terrifying, as STOMPer Snoop found out.

    It was a case of monkey see, monkey do at Woodlands Waterfront when a furry primate came out of nowhere and approached a woman who was playing games on her iPad, seemingly wanting to join in the fun.

    It climbed onto her lap to touch and peer at the iPad. One reader wisely suggested that it is probably best not to let a monkey anywhere near your iPad if you find yourself in a similar situation.

    Monkey business aside, reports of bizarre fashion faux pas also promise to bring you bouts of laughter.

    STOMPer Sharon amused many readers with photos of a woman wearing flip-flops adorned with pink feathers. In her email to STOMP, Sharon wrote: "Someone call the fashion police! A human flamingo is on the loose!"

    But one STOMPer was quick to point out that flamingoes do not have feathers on their feet.

    Another STOMPer said: "Hopefully, she does not use the escalator!"

    From flamingo-inspired footwear, we move on to another creature that seems to have some influence on Singapore fashion.

    One man who was spotted on the train went to great lengths to have his hair cut - to look like a lizard sitting on his head.

    STOMPer Harlem, who found the man's photo online, wondered if the wild hairdo would catch on as the latest trend in Singapore.

    And if you think a giant gecko sitting on someone's head is weird, wait till you see "Auntie Gaga" and her red, purple and white hair.

    Draped in tinsel and wearing a pair of fancy spectacles, the woman literally turned heads on a bus.

    STOMPer Deddy, one of the commuters on the bus, said: "Everyone on the bus could not stand it and they were laughing."

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