Helping reunite missing pets and owners

GRATEFUL OWNER: Mrs Chua was elated when her dog, Yoyo, was returned to her by Yalini Mohan Rajkumar, with the help of Stomp.


    Jun 14, 2013

    Helping reunite missing pets and owners

    When their beloved dog, Yoyo, went missing from their home in Chua Chu Kang Central last week, Mr Benjamin Chua and his parents were devastated.

    Desperate, the 24-year-old undergraduate wrote to citizen-journalism website Stomp to seek help in finding their dog.

    A few hours after the missing-dog report was posted on Stomp, 13-year-old Yalini Mohan Rajkumar found Yoyo trying to cross a busy traffic junction in Chua Chu Kang Avenue 4.

    She tried to hold on to the dog, but it ran to a multi-storey carpark beside the junction and hid behind a car.

    Yalini brought the dog to her home. Her dad, 43-year-old engineer Mohan Rajkumar, noticed that the dog looked similar to the missing pet he had read about on Stomp earlier that day.

    After receiving a call from Mr Mohan, Stomp alerted Mr Chua. His parents went to Mr Mohan's home that night.

    "The dog was jumping up and down with excitement upon seeing them. I said to my daughter that this is definitely their dog," said Mr Mohan.

    In less than 12 hours after posting his missing-pet report on Stomp, Mr Chua and his parents were reunited with their beloved pooch.

    This incident demonstrates the effectiveness of Stomp in reaching out to a vast audience quickly, which is crucial in missing-pet cases.

    Mr Chua, an avid Stomp reader, said: "Usually, owners who lose their pets have to rely on notice boards, which are less effective. Through Stomp, I found Yoyo very quickly.

    "Stomp is very efficient and I was surprised at how fast I got a response about my missing pet."

    Mr Mohan also commended Stomp's knack for reuniting lost pets with their owners.

    "I think Stomp is a good website because the pictures allow easy identification of the dogs. Even when I tried a Google search for missing pets, the first result I got was a Stomp posting," he said.

    Other pet owners have also benefited from Stomp's lost-and-found-pets section.

    Stomper Pauline's dog had run away from her apartment in Tampines Avenue 5.

    After her message was posted on Stomp, the two kind souls who found the dog in Tampines Street 21 responded to her plea. The owner was reunited with her pet within a day.

    Stomp's lost-and-found-pets section is monitored even by welfare groups and the authorities here, who visit the website for updates on missing animals.

    When Stomper Kimberly's Jack Russell Terrier, Blessing, went missing in MacPherson, she wrote in to Stomp.

    A day later, a kind soul who found the dog in Paya Lebar handed it over to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, who contacted Kimberly and returned her pet to her the next day.

    On top of reporting on the latest happenings in Singapore, Stomp has helped reunite many animal lovers with their missing pets.