Jul 29, 2013

    Hair and make-up tips

    HERE are tips that award-winning make-up artist Larry Yeo and celebrity hairstylist Greg-O shared with My Paper after the workshop.


    One product that women should not leave the house without applying:

    Sunscreen of at least SPF 40, like RoC Soleil Protexion+ Face Anti-Brown Spot Fluid SPF 50+ (above, $40).

    Three key areas to work on if there's no time for anything else:

    Eyebrow pencil, concealer and lip balm

    On skincare:

    Don't apply excessive skincare products on the face. Each additional layer makes it harder for the make-up to stay on.

    Skincare products:

    Products with silicone work better because they adhere to the skin well, allow the skin to breathe, and resist sweat and sebum.

    On touching up:

    Touch up with pressed powder only. Review your foundation, powder or make-up steps if you need to touch up regularly. Embrace your face shape. Five minutes of effort will make a difference.


    Most important thing:

    To love yourself.

    One product that women should not leave the house without applying:

    Leave-in hair conditioner

    For women on the move:

    Products with multiple functions, like Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement Extra Treatment Water (above, $13.90).

    Frequency of conditioning in the shower:

    It is a good practice, but how frequently you have to condition your hair depends on how damaged it is.

    One tip you would give readers:

    Every little effort contributes to a crowning glory.

    Products with multiple functions save a lot of time and require little effort, and are great for those on the run.